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Head-2-Head Review: Apple iPhone 3G S vs. Canon EOS 5D Mk II
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posted on Jun 22, 2009 at 10:24PM

Head-2-Head Review: Apple iPhone 3G S vs. Canon EOS 5D Mk II

Introduction: The Matchup

By Alex Burack

The Matchup
We, here at H2H Reviews pride ourselves on our resistance to buzz. We can’t do much to give you a fair comparison between products if we get swept up in all the hype everyone else does, now can we? That said, the two cameras, (and, well, OK, we’re maybe using that term a little loosely), we’re looking at here share a considerable amount of industry buzz, hype, and even hysteria. They both can lay claim to that one aspect that keeps marketing execs awake at night - the fact they both redefine the industry.


Have we lost it? Possibly, but we think there’s something to this…


The one place that they both have a remarkable impact on photography is in the rapidly changing business of Photojournalism.


Key Advantages
Both the Apple iPhone 3Gs and Canon 5D Mk II carry a number of distinct advantages that could assist in the field. Here's a quick rundown.

Canon 5D Mark II
iPhone 3GS
• Rugged, sealed body
• Lightweight, pocketable body
• Updated Digic 4 Processor
• Macro and low-light capabilities
• 3 RAW image size options
• Video recording and publishing
• AF Micro Adjustment- 2 modes (body, individual lenses up to 20)
• Touch focus and white balance
• ISO Expansion up to ISO 25600
• Easily zoomable for focus check
• HD video mode
• Large 3.5” LCD viewing
• Better organization of info in viewfinder
• Fast sequential shooting
• Ability to ignore client emails
• In-Camera image editing

• In-Camera web publishing
• 16 or 32GB internal storage


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