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Introduction - Head-2-Head Review: Canon Rebel XSi vs. Canon PowerShot G9
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The Canon Digital Rebel XSi comes to market as an entry-level DSLR; the Canon PowerShot G9 is the company’s flagship compact digital camera. Both cameras pack more than 12 megapixels and pair the sensors with a DIGIC III image processor and plenty of manual and automated controls. They have 3-inch LCD screens and optical viewfinders as well as SD/SDHC compatibility. Should you go for the high-end compact G9 or the low-end DSLR, the Rebel XSi? If you’re on the fence about which camera to dive for, read on.


The Canon PowerShot G9 is a great little camera that can potentially serve as a hybrid digital camera/camcorder with its excellent movie mode and compact body. The XSi skips the movie mode altogether as it is an SLR, but has the added perk of the ability to change lenses. The G9 retails for $499 while the XSi retails for $699 by itself or $799 with an 18-55mm kit lens.


Key Advantages


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi     Canon PowerShot G9
• Flexibility with interchangeable lenses  • Portable with flat, 4.2 x 2.8 x 1.7-inch body
• Faster burst speed of 3.5 fps • Cheaper at $499 retail
• Big, cushy, accurate optical viewfinder    • Rotary control is easier to use
• Comfortable handling, thicker grip     • 6x lens with wider f/2.8 aperture




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