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Head-2-Head Review: Nikon D3x vs. Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III
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The two most expensive DSLRs from Canon and Nikon are notable mainly for their pixel counts. The Canon 1Ds Mark III and the Nikon D3X record 21.1 and 24.5 megapixels, respectively. The file sizes may seem enormous to most photographers; they strain the limits of the cameras' processors and data arteries. The cameras’ large files make 2GB memory cards look puny, and clog hard drives. DVD backup schemes begin to look clumsy.


As we look at the 1Ds and the D3X, we'll balance the (presumed) advantages of the cameras' pixel counts with the burden of handling such large files and near $8,000 cost. Though both cameras are every bit as durable as, and handle very much like, their lower-resolution counterparts, they are much slower performing every function influenced by file size.


These cameras are special-purpose tools. With that premise, it's fair to ask if they should be less like the 1D Mark III and D3, and more adapted to studio and tripod shooting. 

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