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posted on Dec 15, 2009 at 8:22PM

Head-2-Head Software Review: Phase One Capture One Pro vs. Hasselblad Phocus vs. Leaf Capture

Workspace Arrangement

By Ted Dillard

H2H ROUND-3: Workspace Arrangement

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Unlike Capture One and Phocus, in Leaf Capture you have very limited control over changing the arrangement of your tools and features in your workspace. In Phocus you can reorder, add and omit tools.


Hasselblad Phocus Tools


The same panel in Phase One Capture One looks remarkably similar to Apple’s Aperture.

Tools in Phase One Capture One Pro

By clicking on the title bar and dragging, you just move the panels to where you want them.


Moving panels in Phocus

Moving panels in Phase One

The Leaf software has no capability to do any such arrangement beyond the simple selection of Standard and Advanced tool display. Strangely, a few versions back, there were several preset workspaces - shooting, editing, prepress, etc. - and a fairly high degree of flexibility in the layout, and customization for specific tasks and tastes. Unfortunately this seems to have been tossed in the development.

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