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Professional Head-2-Head Report: RPG Keys vs. Kubota RPG SpeedKeys
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Introduction: The Matchup
For working photographers, the least efficient portion of their workflow is post-processing their digital files. Time is money, and editing isn’t always lucrative. A number of recent solutions have flooded the market to speed up production time and increase editing efficiency. Of these solutions, two pieces of hardware have caught the eyes of wedding and event photographers: RPG Keys and Kubota RPG SpeedKeys.

RPG Keys and Kubota RPG SpeedKeys are intended to speed up processing time by mapping frequently used correction settings to specific keys on a custom keyboard. The process itself is similar to a Photoshop action, though it offers a software and hardware component that plugs-in to Photoshop Lightroom.

The overlapping demographic targeted by both products is unquestionably wedding and event photographers, though the larger RPG Keys are compatible with a host of applications extending beyond digital photography.

Priced at $399, the SpeedKeys + LR pack carries a far less costly MSRP than the full-size RPG Keys, originally priced at $670. RPG Keys is currently running a sale that drops the price of the larger 58-key unit + LR closer to its alternative, at $490.

Key Attributes

RPG Keys
- 58 large buttons, with 54 programmable keys
- Multi-program compatibility (Lightroom, PS, AutoCAD, Illustrator, etc.)
- Wide range of customization options
- Expanding functionality “by-the-week”

Kubota SpeedKeys
- Wireless
- Small, portable form factor
- Sleeker design
- Cheaper (more affordable)
- Option keys are larger, distinctly shaped, and easy to locate by feel
- Drag-and-drop software interface

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