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Professional Head-2-Head Report: LumaPix YearbookFusion vs. Pelican Software's Yearbooks! Desktop 2010
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Memorable yearbooks encapsulate a shared voice and unique spirit of a particular time, place, and collection of people. For publishers, schools, and social institutions tasked with generating these relics, the conventionalized structure and deadlines placed upon them often results in an arduous production process and invariably gets in the way of the true creative task at hand. 


Two acclaimed software solutions that specialize in yearbook production are LumaPix YearbookFusion and Pelican Software Yearbooks! Desktop 2010. Both programs are viable contenders for publishers, interested in investing in software for their clients, as well as educators and students in need of a software solution to compose their yearbook.


We evaluated the two software solutions head-to-head, exploring their relative competency in all areas of operation – from installation through printing. 


Read on for the full report!

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