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Canon Announces New A-series Flagship
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posted on Apr 21, 2009 at 8:34PM

Canon Announces New A-series Flagship

By Emily Raymond
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  • 12.1 megapixels
  • AA battery power
  • 6x lens
  • $249
  • 3-inch LCD


model: A2100 IS

(Credit: Canon)

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Canon has updated the aging A2000 with a fresh 12.1-megapixel PowerShot A2100 IS. The new digital camera adds resolution and otherwise has the same perks as the rest of the A-series: plenty of color availability, an easy to use interface, and AA battery power. The A2100 was one of three A-series cameras introduced on February 17.

The Canon PowerShot A2100 IS is “smaller in size and higher in performance,” states the manufacturer in its press release. In fact, the camera weighs the same 6.53 ounces as the A2000 and has the same dimensions. Where it does differ is in resolution; the old model has 10 megapixels and the new A2100 has 12.1 megapixels. The new version is also a touch slower when it comes to the burst mode: the A2100 fires off 1.1 frames per second, whereas the older A2000 is slightly faster at 1.3 fps. Both cameras sport the same 3-inch LCD screen, 6x optical zoom lens, and optical image stabilization system. The Canon PowerShot A2100 IS will retail for $249 in early April.

The Canon PowerShot A1100 IS, also announced on February 17, is an update of the A1000. Whereas the older model had 10 megapixels, the new A1100 has 12.7. In this case, the newer version has the faster burst despite the increased resolution. The A1100 snaps 2 fps as compared to the A1000’s 1.3 fps. Both cameras have the same 4x optical zoom lens and 2.5-inch LCD screen. The new Canon A1100 IS has a Digic 4 image processor that promises an improved Auto mode. The digital camera will come in gray, blue, pink, and green varieties when it goes on sale for $199 in March.

The recently announced Canon A480 improves on resolution and also looks. The older A470 was one of the uglier PowerShots on the market, but the new A480 comes in a flashier body available in red, blue, silver, and black. The two cameras have a lot in common: a Digic III image processor, a 2.5-inch LCD screen, automated modes, and a cheap price tag. The old version sells for $99 and the new Canon PowerShot A480 goes for $129, starting in March. The new model adds more resolution with 10 megapixels and pairs it with a 3.3x optical zoom lens.



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