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Canon Introduces Hybrid Image Stabilizer
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posted on Jul 23, 2009 at 3:30AM

Canon Introduces Hybrid Image Stabilizer

By Jared Newman
  • Hybrid system corrects for both angular and shifting camera shake
  • Acceleration sensor aids macro photography
  • Will debut in new DSLR lens later this year 

Canon today introduced a new Hybrid Image Stabilizer to compensate for both angular and shifting camera shake in select lenses.

The Hybrid IS system uses two kinds of sensors to detect camera movement during exposure. The first, already used in existing Canon lenses, detects when the camera is moved on an angle, coming in handy for standard shots.


(Credit: Canon)

The new method employs an acceleration sensor, correcting for camera movement parallel to the imaging scene, lending more stable images to macro and other close-range photography. An algorithm takes information from both sensors and makes the optimal changes.

Canon plans to insert the hybrid technology into an unspecified SLR camera lens, due for release later this year. Inclusion in a wider range of products is in the works, but the company hasn't provided any specifics.

Image stabilization is already featured in 21 Canon lenses. The company was the first to introduce an optical stabilization mechanism to interchangeable SLR lenses in 1995. 


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