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Capture One 5 Pro Software Unveiled
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posted on Nov 9, 2009 at 7:37PM

Capture One 5 Pro Software Unveiled

By Emily Raymond
  • New tools
  • Added DSLR support
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • $399 for Pro version
(Credit: Phase One)

Phase One released its latest RAW workflow software with enhanced features and a design meant to handle large numbers of image files. Capture One 5 Pro is available immediately from the company’s web site.

The fresh version of the software is made for photographers who shoot large quantities of photos and need a good way to organize and access them. According to the company’s press release, the new software is “now enhanced with workflow accelerators to handle large volume shoots faster.” Users can organize files into albums, tag them as favorites, and add features such as watermarks. There is also added support in the software so that photographers can use multiple computer monitors at once.

“Today’s pro photographers are shooting with both medium format and DSLR cameras, so having a truly professional quality digital darkroom, that can manage RAW files from both systems, makes life easier,” said Carsten H. Olsen, Phase One product manager for Capture One, in the Oct. 28 press release. “Capture Pro helps photographers reduce the time and effort required to deliver stunning ready-to-use images with excellent color and detail.”

The Capture One 5 Pro software includes new tools such as Focus Mask and Focus Tool, Lens Falloff Correction, Vignetting, Skin Tone Enhancer, Dust Spot Removal, RGB Channel Levels, and Curve Adjustments. The toolbar can be customized and “process recipes” can be cooked up to perform certain actions on large batches of images – more evidence that the software enables photographers to spend more time shooting and less editing.

The new Pro software adds support for newer DSLRs and keeps support for digital backs from Phase One, Leaf, and Mamiya. Capture One 5 Pro is available for $399 or at a discount for current Capture One software owners. Those who use Capture One 4 Pro can upgrade for $99, and those who have the standard Capture One 4 can upgrade to the recent pro version for $299.

The standard Capture One 5 software is available for $129. This software adds support for newer DSLRs, but does not include pro features such as watermarking, lens correction, dust removal, and skin tone enhancing, among others.


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