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Five New Cyber-shots in Sony's Line
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posted on Apr 22, 2009 at 12:49PM

Five New Cyber-shots in Sony's Line

By Emily Raymond
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  • T900, T90, W290, W230, H20
  • Selected face memory
  • 10-12 MP
  • $199-$379


model: DSC-T900

(Credit: Sony)

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Sony has introduced a batch of compact digital cameras, all sporting SteadyShot optical image stabilization, face detection technology, image management features, and double-digit megapixels. The Sony T900, T90, W290, W230, and H20 make their debut in April.

Sony delivers some notable new technology in the lineup, including “selected face memory,” which can register one face in a picture, so that the camera will prioritize focus and exposure for the face when it shows up in future shots. Further face detection technology enables users to track up to eight faces at one time. Once they’ve gathered a gallery of faces, sorting features allow users to arrange their pictures by themes in playback mode. They can sort by adults, babies, smiles or “all faces.”

Many recent digital cameras have come out with updated automatic modes, and Sony includes them on almost all of these new cameras. Of the five, only the W230 does not have the new Intelligent Auto mode, which automatically chooses a scene mode from a selection of eight, and mixes in other technology like face detection and blink detection as needed.

“You can go from a walk in the park to taking pictures of a flower and then back to beautiful landscapes or indoor birthday parties, and the camera will know what to do to get the best shot,” said Sony’s Karim Noblecilla, senior product marking manager, Electronics’ Digital Imaging Division, in the February 17 press release.

The first of the group, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900, updates the older T700, offering more resolution. The older model has 10.1 megapixels whereas the new T900 has 12.1. Both models have a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 4x optical zoom lens, a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD screen, and a stereo microphone. While they share many of the same automated features, the T700 lacks the HD 1280 x 720-pixel, 30 fps video capability of the T900. The T700 sells for $329, and the new T900 will retail for $379. It will be available in silver, black, red, and bronze.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T90 follows the Sony T500, which has 10.1 megapixels. The new T90 upgrades to 12.1 megapixels like the T900. Both the T90 and T500 have a 3-inch touch panel LCD monitor and HD video recording. The older model has a 33-165mm, 5x optical zoom lens while the new model has a shorter 4x, 35-140mm lens. The T500 sells for $329 and the new T90 will retail for $299. It will be available in silver, black, pink, blue, and brown.

In Sony’s high-zoom lineup, the Cyber-shot DSC-H20 makes its debut as a dwarf compared to Sony’s even more recent HX1. The H20 trumps in resolution with 10.1 megapixels to the HX1 and H50’s 9.1 megapixels. But the H20 and H50 pack a standard CCD while the new HX1 carries a CMOS sensor capable of incredible speeds. The $279 Sony H20 has a 3-inch LCD, like its H-series companions, but it has a shorter 10x optical zoom lens. The $329 H50 has a 15x lens and the $499 HX1 has a 20x lens. Like its H-series siblings and several of its announcement-mates, the Sony H20 offers the ability to record HD video.

Two new cameras were added to the pocket-worthy W-series: the W290 and W230. Both cameras have 12.1 megapixels and 3-inch LCD screens. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W290 has a 5x optical zoom lens while the W230 has a 4x version. The W290 has the Intelligent Auto mode, while the W230 does not. Both have face detection technology. The Sony W290 will retail for $249 and will come in silver, black, blue, and bronze. The Sony W230 will come in silver, black, blue, and red, with a tag for $199.


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