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Kodak Adds Touchscreen 'Slice'
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posted on Jan 7, 2010 at 1:46AM

Kodak Adds Touchscreen 'Slice'

By Emily Raymond
  • Kodak Slice
  • 3.5" touchscreen
  • 14 MP
  • Stores 5,000 images
  • Search and sort functions

(Credit: Kodak)

Kodak has produced some interesting cameras in the past – the wireless EasyShare-one and the dual-lens V-series cameras to name a few – and has introduced another unique model today. The Kodak EasyShare Slice has a large touch screen and a host of organizational and search functions to find images among the 5,000 that it can store onboard.

The Kodak Slice has respectable specs as a camera with 14 megapixels and a stabilized 5x optical zoom lens, but Kodak is marketing it as more of a sharing device with its 3.5-inch touch screen. It has 2GB of internal memory – enough to store 5,000 pictures in HD resolution. The original 14-megapixel files can be saved on the microSD or microSDHC cards that are compatible with the Slice.

With that many pictures on the camera, Kodak included several sorting and searching functions. Users can sort by face, place, date, or occasion. With the camera’s face recognition technology, the Slice can detect up to five faces in a single image and match the faces with up to 20 pre-tagged faces and names. The name tags can be carried over to photo management software.

The new Slice seems to have evolved from 2005’s EasyShare-one. The one’s most marketed feature was its WiFi capability, although it also had a rotating 3-inch LCD touch screen and 256MB of internal memory. Touch screen technology has dramatically improved in the past five years, and so has memory storage. The new Kodak EasyShare Slice nixes the WiFi, but improves upon the touch screen and memory. It also adds the searching and sorting functions.

Several EasyShare cameras have had forms of image tagging, but the Slice makes it easier with the touch screen interface. The 3.5-inch touch screen sits on the back of the 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.7-inch camera body along with the hallmark Share button that graces Kodak EasyShare digital cameras.

The Kodak Slice will come in black, nickel, and radish for $349. It will go on sale in April at exclusive retailers: online at and and in Best Buy stores. Kodak’s marketing strategy for the Slice involves tugging at your heartstrings.

“We believe that the real ‘Kodak Moment’ happens when you share,” said Betty Noonan, director and vice president of business to consumer marketing at Kodak, in the Jan. 6 press release. “The simple act of sharing a picture can spark an emotion, encourage a smile, ignite a laugh or even elicit a tear. We put this important element at the forefront of our product designs to help people connect with one another, relive special memories and enrich their lives.”

Part of Kodak’s product design was putting a name on the camera that is more interesting than the typical letter and number method of camera naming that most manufacturers follow. The Slice will try to stand alone in the EasyShare product lineup; let’s hope it fares better than Kodak’s past technological wonders.


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