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Kodak Announces 4 Cameras
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posted on Jan 7, 2010 at 2:11AM

Kodak Announces 4 Cameras

By Emily Raymond
  • 14 MP M580 and M575
  • 12 MP M550 and M530
  • Come in many colors

(Credit: Kodak)

Kodak expanded its “sleek and stylish” line of digital cameras today, adding the EasyShare M580, M575, M550, and M530. The four new cameras boast plenty of resolution but are designed to be easy to use.

“In a world where people are sharing online more than ever before, Kodak wants to make it as simple as possible,” said Phil Scott, vice president of marketing, digital capture and devices at Kodak, in the Jan. 6 press release.

The Kodak EasyShare M580 and M575 each have 14 megapixels and 3-inch LCD screens. They have a slew of scene modes along with an HD movie mode. The flagship M580 has an 8x optical zoom lens and a built-in HDMI connector to output the HD videos. The M575 has a shorter 5x lens; it will retail for $179 while the M580 will sell for $199 when they are made available in April.

The Kodak EasyShare M550 and M530 each have 12 megapixels and 2.7-inch LCD screens. The M550 has a longer 5x optical zoom lens while the M530 has the more standard 3x lens. The M550 will go on sale in March for $149, and the M530 will sell for $129 next month.



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