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Leica Announces Full Frame M9, Compact X1, and Lens
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posted on Sep 9, 2009 at 1:04PM

Leica Announces Full Frame M9, Compact X1, and Lens

By Alex Burack
  • Leica holds press conference to introduce new digital products
  • Broadcast on Leica web site
  • Full Frame M9 digital rangefinder
  • Compact camera line (X1)
 Leica X1

Leica held a press conference today to introduce its newest digital cameras. The introduction includes a new compact camera line, built around an APS-C size image sensor, and the highly anticipated full frame M9 digital rangefinder.


Notes on the M9

- Full frame sensor

- 18 megapixels

- Durable magnesium chassis

- Shipping immediately


Notes on the X1

- Compact design

- APS sensor

- 12 megapixels



..... and Seal is the guest speaker. Yes, Seal.





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