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New Compact Photo Printer from Canon
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posted on Jul 16, 2009 at 5:51AM

New Compact Photo Printer from Canon

By Emily Raymond
  • Dye-sublimination technology
  • Creates postcard-size print in 47 seconds
  • 3-Inch LCD monitor
  • Currently selling for $275


(Credit: Canon)

Canon announced a compact photo printer, the Selphy CP790, that has a green top and looks like it sits in a cleaning bucket. The printer has an optional battery pack and the bucket comes with a big handle, making the new model more portable than most. The Canon CP790 will be available in July for about $275.


The Canon Selphy CP790 compact dye-sublimination photo printer can create a postcard-size print in 47 seconds. The prints are smudge- and spill-proof, and are made to last for a century when stored in an album.


“Canon has always made it easy to produce lab-quality photos, but the latest Selphy printer takes it to a whole new level,” said Rainer Feuhres, head of Canon Consumer Imaging, in the June 10 press release.


The new printer has a 3-inch LCD monitor, a memory card slot that accepts many different kinds of media, and a PictBridge port to eliminate the need for a computer to be hooked up to the printer. Because the CP790 is built to be computer-free, there are automated image correction functions such as red-eye correction, noise reduction, and color modes built into the printer. Photos can be printed directly from mobile phones through infrared communication or an optional Bluetooth adapter.


The Canon Selphy CP790 does not have to be sans computer though. It comes with software that syncs the printer to a computer and can even provide audio instructions if needed.


Canon’s June 10 press release made mention of another compact photo printer, the Selphy CP780, but this printer made its U.S. debut in February. This model is a pared down version of the CP790. It doesn’t have a storage bucket or big handle, although a carrying case is an optional accessory. It has a smaller 2.5-inch LCD monitor and the same memory card slot and Bluetooth compatibility. Both printers have the same print speed of 47 seconds per postcard-size print. The CP780 comes in pink, blue, silver, and white colors, while the CP790 only comes in a soft green tone. The Canon CP780 retails for $99.


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