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Nikon Expands S-series
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posted on Apr 22, 2009 at 12:32PM

Nikon Expands S-series

By Emily Raymond
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  • S630, S620, S230, S220
  • New Expeed image processor
  • Auto scene selector
  • $149-$279


model: S630

(Credit: Nikon)

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Nikon spruced up its stylish S-series with the February 4 announcement of four more models. The digital cameras come with a new Expeed image processor, improved face detection, a “smart portrait system” which sounds similar to every other manufacturer’s blink detection technology, and an automatic scene selector that chooses the scene mode based on the subject matter seen through the lens. Each sleek camera comes in at least five colors.

The Nikon Coolpix S710 remains the flagship of the line with its 14.5 megapixels and its $299 price tag. The new Nikon Coolpix S630 is a close neighbor, hosting 12 megapixels and a 7x optical zoom lens in a sleek body. The S630 has almost twice the optical zoom of the S710, but has a slightly smaller LCD screen at 2.7 inches. Both cameras are an inch thick, and they share many other similar features. The new S630 however, will sell for $20 less.

A neighbor on the other side of the spectrum, the Nikon Coolpix S620 has the same LCD screen and similar resolution with 12.2 megapixels, but a much shorter lens with 4x power. The lens is shorter, but wider, at 28-112mm as opposed to the S630’s 37-260mm. The Nikon S620 will sell for $10 less than the S710 at $269.

Nikon also announced the Coolpix S230 and S220. Both have 10 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom lens. The biggest difference is in LCD screens. The LCD on the $149 S20 measures 2.5 inches and the screen on the $229 S230 measures 3 inches.

“To find a camera that is a reflection of them, consumers choosing cameras use a host of criteria -- what technology the camera offers, how it looks, how it feels and, of course, the quality of images the camera produces,” said Bill Giordano, Nikon’s General Manager of Marketing, in the February 2 press release. “Our new Coolpix cameras combine a series of cutting-edge features that enhance consumers’ picture taking experience, with unique elements that reflect their individuality, to ensure all consumers find a Coolpix camera to meet their needs.”


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