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Olympus Adds 3 to Its Budget FE Series
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posted on Jul 23, 2009 at 6:10AM

Olympus Adds 3 to Its Budget FE Series

By Jared Newman
  • Prices range from $99 - $149
  • Can trim, resize, crop or correct red-eye and lighting from within the camera

Olympus will soon release a trio of digital cameras for photographers on a limited budget. The FE-5020, FE-4000 and FE-46 all have 12-megapixel sensors and 2.7-inch LCD screens. They mainly differ in lenses.

At the high end, the FE-5020 sports a 5x, super wide-angle, 24mm zoom lens. The FE-4000's 26.3 mm lens has 4x optical zoom, and the FE-46 has 5x optical zoom, but with a narrower angle of 36 mm. Another distinction in the cameras is the 3200 ISO in the FE-5020, compared to 1600 ISO in the other two models. Finally, the 5020 and 4000 run on included LI-42B rechargeable batteries, while the 46 takes AA batteries.


(Credit: Olympus America)

Aside from those differences, the cameras are quite similar. They both feature AF Tracking — which adjusts brightness and focus on fast-moving subjects — along with advanced face detection, intelligent auto and shadow adjustment technology.

The new models also offer Perfect Fix to crop, resize or correct red-eye and lighting from within the camera. A set of “Magic Filters” alter the images in a semi stylized way, including Fish Eye, Pop Art, Pin Hole and Wedding filters.

All three cameras support xD-Picture and Micro SD cards, and come in a variety of colors. Look for the FE series in September, priced at $159 for the FE-5020, $149 for the FE-4000 and $99 for the FE-46.


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