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Picwing Unites Computer and Picture Frame
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posted on Oct 1, 2008 at 10:29PM

Picwing Unites Computer and Picture Frame

  • Digital picture manager
  • Linux-based computer model
  • 7-inch LCD screen
  • $249

 By Tyler Lacoma

(Credit: Picwing)

The new company Picwing has just come up with a semi-innovative design: a picture-frame computer that aims to be a digital picture manager for all electronic photos.

This is semi-innovative, because slideshow picture frames that preserve and display digital photos are, by themselves, nothing new. In fact they are now available at nearly every electronic section in a variety of sizes and memory capacities. The innovative part is that the Picwing picture frame tries to be much more by using a Linux-based computer model to set up a virtual photo album in a 7" LCD screen.

Users are able to send and receive images from the Picwing frame wirelessly, removing the need for flash drives and USB connections. For slideshows, the frame interface runs Flash programming, allowing for smooth transitions between pictures and wireless updates allowing you to take advantage of new software developments.

Photos can be edited, arranged, added, deleted, annotated and modified through a specialized website. There is no word yet on a downloadable version of Picwing picture management becoming available for users.

The Picwing creators are adopting a somewhat breezy, organic approach to the business so far. Their website advertises: "We recommend this to early adopters only! This is an early (beta) release of our photo frame, so don’t expect a perfect product. Our philosophy is to release as soon as we can and get feedback from our users early on to see what they want."

Will the Picwing creation fade away, or will it become a popular alternative to picture management? Only time will tell, but for now consumers can get a good idea themselves for the retail price of $249.00.


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