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RED vs LG in Lawsuit Over 'Scarlet' Name
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posted on Oct 1, 2008 at 10:40PM

RED vs LG in Lawsuit Over 'Scarlet' Name

  • RED v. LG
  • Trademark infringement lawsuit
  • 'Scarlet' brand name

By Tyler Lacoma

When advertisements debuted portraying Natassia Malthe as a svelte and dangerous character known only as "Scarlet," the red-eyed heroine looked like trouble.

Sure enough, the presumed star of a new action-spy TV series turned out to be in truth, LG's latest LCD television screen, the slimmest model yet designed by the electronics company. Now, four months after the official Scarlet TV release, she again proves her penchant for subterfuge by featuring in a litigation case begun by video camera company RED for alleged trademark infringement by LG.

Following its scandalous three-month advertising campaign which hinted at a coming Alias-style television series, LG Electronics introduced the Scarlet TV line in April 2008. The new model featured light sensor technology, 1080p resolution, four different sizes, and a "striking" crimson color, according to the Scarlet website.

However, the success of the new line was interrupted by a lawsuit, filed by RED CEO, Jim Jannard in Orange County, California. Jannard accused LG of taking the "Scarlet" brand name from the high-end digital video camera company, despite RED's denial of their request.

"LG released the Scarlet TV even after asking us permission and us turning them down," said Jannard in the RED online forum "I guess they thought they could just 'take it.'"

Jannard also requested that all RED camera users give RED Digital Cinema credit wherever appropriate.

Notably, both companies' ‘Scarlet’ brands appear to be focusing on digital resolution and dimension. The Scarlet professional video camera, featuring a compact size and 3k shooting quality, is due to be released by RED in early 2009, although given the legal tangles of trademark infringement, it is uncertain whether the lawsuit will be settled by then. Jannard appears to expect the process to take some time. Said Jannard, “My bet is that this is just the tip of the iceberg."

Should the lawsuit come down to timing, Jannard further claims that RED registered its trademark before LG, both in the United States "and most (all but two) countries."


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