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Ricoh GX200 Gets an Update
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posted on Jul 16, 2009 at 7:26PM

Ricoh GX200 Gets an Update

By Emily Raymond
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  • Ricoh GX200
  • Firmware Update v. 1.25
  • Fixes playback problems

(Credit: Ricoh)

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Ricoh announced a few minor improvements to its pro-oriented GX200 digital camera. The firmware update was issued July 15 and fixes a few flaws relating to the playback and orientation of the images.

The version 1.25 firmware update is available immediately for download from the Ricoh web site. One of the problems it fixes is the camera’s tendency to improperly read whether an image is vertical or horizontal when long exposures are used.

The 12.1-megapixel Ricoh GX200 comes with a 24-72mm, 3x optical zoom lens with a wide f/2.5 maximum aperture. The camera also sports a 2.7-inch LCD screen with 460,000 pixels. The GX200 has a full set of manual controls and can shoot images in RAW as well as JPEG. The GX200 sells for about $450, although the firmware update is free.

The download is available by clicking here.

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