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Ricoh Releases CX2
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posted on Aug 21, 2009 at 7:00PM

Ricoh Releases CX2

By Emily Raymond
  • Ricoh CX2
  • 9 MP
  • 10.7x zoom lens
  • 3", 920k LCD
  • 5 fps burst

(Credit: Ricoh)

Ricoh announced a successor to this year’s CX1 with the same 9-megapixel image sensor and 3-inch high-resolution LCD screen. The new Ricoh CX2 has a longer zoom lens and faster burst mode among its improvements. It will be available in September in black, silver, and two-tone gray-pink colors.


The most obvious difference between the two cameras is their lenses. The Ricoh CX2 has a 10.7x optical zoom lens that measures 28-300mm. The lens has a maximum aperture of f/3.5. The old CX1 has a shorter 7.1x, 28-200mm optical zoom lens with a slightly brighter aperture of f/3.3.


Both CX-series digital cameras have the same CMOS image sensors and Smooth Imaging Engine IV image processors. The engineers squeezed more functionality out of the new CX2 though: it can shoot a burst at 5 fps instead of the CX1’s 4 fps. It includes two new autofocus modes: the pre-AF mode focuses on subjects even when the shutter release button isn’t being pushed, and the continuous-AF mode focuses on moving subjects continuously when the shutter release button is being depressed halfway.


The Ricoh CX2 adds three scene modes to its repertoire: high-contrast black and white, manner mode, and miniaturize mode. The black and white modecreates images “with a grainy feel such as that created by using ultra-high-sensitivity film in a film camera or by push processing film at the development stage,” states the Aug. 20 company press release. The manner mode turns off the flash and silences the operational sounds for use in museums and other public areas, and the miniaturize mode blurs the top and bottom areas of the photo to “recreate the impression given when photographing miniatures.”


The Ricoh CX2 has face recognition, like its predecessor, but the new model can detect twice as many faces. The CX2 can recognize up to eight at a time, while the CX1 can only spot four. The company’s press release also indicates that “there have been increases in recognition speed” in the newer CX2.


The Ricoh CX2 keeps the same large 3-inch LCD screen that is on the CX1. Both have excellent 920,000-pixel resolution. Both cameras offer 88MB of internal memory and the expansion slots for SD/SDHC media. The two cameras also have interesting features like an electronic level and grid lines for composition help, and an image flagging function. The old CX1 can flag three images for easier recall, but the new Ricoh CX2 can flag 20 images at a time.


The CX-series digital cameras focus their marketing on the “art” of photography; Ricoh endowed both cameras with art-oriented slogans. The old Ricoh CX1 encourages photographers to “turn every scene into art,” according to the company web site. The CX2 follows that with its slogan: “art is waiting there to be framed, every day.


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