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Samsung Shows Off New "SL" Cameras
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posted on Jul 14, 2009 at 6:33PM

Samsung Shows Off New "SL" Cameras

By Emily Raymond
  • Samsung SL720 and SL502
  • 5x optical zoom lenses
  • 12.1 megapixels
  • Smart Auto mode

 (Credit: Samsung)

Samsung introduced two new compact digital cameras loaded with 12.2 megapixels and 5x optical zoom lenses. The Samsung SL720 and SL502 - also called the PL70 and PL55 in Europe - were announced today, just four months after the SL820 and SL620 debuted.

Like the earlier SL820 and SL620, the two new models have 5x optical zoom lenses. The SL720 has a wider 28mm lens, like the SL820. The SL502 has a more standard 35mm, 5x lens like the one on the only slightly older SL620. The SL720 has a 3-inch LCD, while the SL502 has only a 2.7-inch LCD.


The two new Samsung digital cameras both offer Smart Auto modes and a Smart Album function that organizes photos and allows users to search files by date, file type, or subject matter such as portrait or overall color. They also come with a Perfect Portrait suite of technologies that includes face detection, smile shot, blink detection, and a beauty shot mode that minimizes blemishes by smoothing out skin tones.


While both cameras have face detection, the Samsung SL720 has a bigger perk with its ability to remember up to 10 faces and adjust focus and exposure priority to those faces. The SL720 also has optical image stabilization on its 5x lens, as opposed to the SL502’s digital stabilization. Both cameras come with a movie mode, but the SL720 takes the spotlight with its high-definition 720p video recording.


“These are two of the most full-featured compact digital cameras on the market,” said Choong Hyun Hwang, vice president of Strategic Marketing at Samsung Digital Imaging Company, in the July 14 press release. “Typically, consumers may feel like they have to sacrifice functionality in order to find a digital camera priced within their means, but that’s not the case with the new PL70 and PL55.”


Indeed, the Samsung SL720 and SL502 are priced at £199 and £149, respectively. Both cameras will be available in August in black, silver, and red colors. The SL720 will also be available in pink, while the SL502 will also come in blue.



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