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Sony Introduces Class 10 SDHC Media, MRW-F3 USB Reader
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posted on Feb 5, 2011 at 3:35PM

Sony Introduces Class 10 SDHC Media, MRW-F3 USB Reader

By News Editor
  • Sony unveils Class 10 SDHC memory cards
  • Sony introduces MRW-F3 USB card reader
  • Reader comes with file recovery software
(Credit: Sony)

Sony augmented its media storage line today, introducing a new USB card reader and increasing speeds in its SDHC cards.

Sony’s new SDHC Class 10 memory cards have the capability of achieving a 22-megabytes-per-second transfer rate and make connectivity with external digital devices significantly easier than before. Using the 32GB capacity SDHC Class 10 card, users can store up to 4,200 images at the highest resolution and record approximately 12 hours of HD video in 5mbps setting.

The improved card speeds can be maximized with a new MRW-F3 USB memory card reader, which also comes with downloadable file recovery software.


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