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Jul 2, 2009 at 2:01PM
Reach the most Relevant Segment of ‘In-Market Consumers’ at Just the Right Time. has created an online environment by which consumers who are in the latter stages of the product purchase cycle, have at their finger tips, a plethora of comparison based product information to help them make their final decision.
By distilling devices down to key differentiators and supplying the analytical conclusions readers are forced to work out themselves from single product articles, the website functions as the ultimate resource for ‘in-market consumers’ by helping them answer the following questions…
  1. Should I purchase Model #1 of Manufacturer A or the comparably priced Model #1 of Manufacturer B.
  2. I have decided on Manufacturer A, but should I purchase Model #1 or the more expensive Model #2? Is the upgrade worth it for  
  3. Is there another product from a different manufacturer/model that is offering something similar at a better value?
  4. I’ve heard Manufacturer A, B, and C all make good products for this particular purpose or feature, but which does it the best?
For our advertising partners, we have created programming opportunities that strive to achieve maximum efficiency. By combining a type of behavioral targeting (Possession Based Segmentation) with contextually relevant placements, we make it possible for our advertising partners to reach their highest priority segment within our community. Using both targeting techniques simultaneously, we are able to aggregate ‘in-market’ consumers who have immediate interest in certain products, types of products, or brands. Understanding our user’s experience level, current related product possessions, and immediate product information interest levels allows us to create highly efficient programs that map to specific marketing initiatives. 
  1. We know that they are seriously considering a purchase.
  2. We know their experience level. (General Consumer, Pro-sumer, Professional)
  3. We have knowledge as to related products they have in their possession… the brand, the product type, perhaps the model…
  4. We can determine their motive... 1st time buyer, upgrade, accessorize…
Our traditional advertising programs are unique in their ability to segment with precision.
Our custom programs take advantage of our precision targeting but also strive to provide the ultimate in interactive experiences.
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